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Saturday / January 23.

The Top CyberMed News Articles of 2015

DENVER — 2015 was a big year for Colorado’s digital health community. Prime Health held its second annual Digital Health Challenge. The Catalyst HTI team secured a site for their upcoming innovation hub. And the 130+ digital health startups that call Colorado home obtained a record amount of funding.

Throughout it all, CyberMed News was there to report on the people, ideas, and companies transforming care in Colorado. Beginning with a few of our first articles and ending with CyberMed News’s most recent coverage, here are some of the top posts of 2015.

How Mobile Technology Can Expand Access To Healthcare In Sub-Saharan Africa

Kaakpema YelpaalaAt the forefront of the Colorado digital health community’s international efforts in 2015 was access.mobile, a micro-multinational committed to improving access to healthcare in emerging markets.

In this CyberMed News interview, access.mobile CEO Kaakpema Yelpaala sheds light on how the lessons he has learned working in the primarily mobile-based African digital health market can help American entrepreneurs better navigate the current transformation of the US healthcare system.

How Prime Health Is Harnessing The Momentum Of The Digital Health Boom In Colorado

InnosphereColorado possesses what Governor John Hickenlooper recently described as “a burgeoning digital health community.” No organization deserves more credit for establishing this community than Prime Health.

In our coverage of Prime Health’s August meeting, we gave readers a glimpse into how this digital health organization is using its “integrator model” to build a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, technologists, and medical professionals committed to reimagining healthcare.

The Epicenter of Colorado Digital Health has been Established

Mike BiselliPrime Health may have brought the Colorado digital health community together, but Mike Biselli is building it a home. In our coverage of the Catalyst HTI land announcement, we spoke with several innovators to get a sense of what the upcoming innovation hub means for them.

Digital Health Companies Crowd the Stage at Galvanize’s Pitchers & Pitches

Audience at Pitchers & PitchesWith CirrusMD declared the winner at this year’s HIMSS Venture+ Forum pitch competition and Prima-Temp and Nextstep.io winning 1776’s Denver Local Challenge Cup, Colorado digital health companies are making a name for themselves at pitch competitions around the country.

In this article, we covered three digital health startups – Novum Concepts, Orderly Health, and Lifestyle Social – as they pitched at Galvanize’s Pitchers and Pitches last August.

Everyone’s A Winner At Prime Health’s 2015 Digital Health Challenge

DHC Audience OverviewEight digital health companies. 17 healthcare payers and providers. Over $100,000 on the line. Prime Health’s 2015 Digital Health Challenge was the biggest event in Colorado digital health this year, and CyberMed News was there to cover it.

The App that Connects You to the ER the Moment the Ambulance Arrives

unnamedIn this CyberMed News profile, we took an in-depth look at Novum Concepts, a Colorado-based digital health company founded by two veteran paramedics who are intent on bringing emergency medical services into the digital age.

“We feel that if we can improve the way patients are cared for and streamline the delivery of that care, then we can make what’s a really tough job that much easier,” said Mike Kobneck, co-founder and CEO of Novum Concepts.

Digital Health Entrepreneurs Take a Stand for Authenticity

Impact Founder DisplayAs a culture, we love to celebrate entrepreneurial success, but say very little about the struggles entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. Kristin Darga’s photography project Impact Founder seeks to address this imbalance by encouraging entrepreneurs to speak openly about their experiences.

In this article, Darga allowed CyberMed News to publish a selection of photos from a recent Impact Founder exhibit that featured several members of the Colorado digital health community.

Prime Health Mobilizes to Become the Next Big Thing in Digital Health

Prime Health OctoberIt would be hard to identify a more forward-thinking Colorado organization than Prime Health. In this article about Prime Health’s October gathering, we reported on the non-profit’s plans to provide startups with a means of validating the efficacy of their products.

Mike Biselli is Bringing the Healthcare Economy Together Under One Roof

Mike_Biselli_2Arguably one of Colorado digital health’s most ambitious figures, Mike Biselli has big plans for our community. In this CyberMed News profile, Biselli shared his vision for Catalyst HTI, a collaborative work ecosystem that aims to bring Fortune 20 healthcare organizations and digital health startups together to fundamentally reimagine healthcare.

Peter Kung: Navigating Training & Experience To Become A Leader In Virtual Health

DSC_8432As our industry matures, more and more healthcare providers are recognizing the potential of digital health technology to radically transform how care is delivered. Standing in the vanguard of this growing recognition is Peter Kung, the System Vice President of Virtual Health at SCL Health System.

In this CyberMed News profile, we explored the trajectory that brought Kung to his current position and gained insight into his beliefs about the future of healthcare.

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