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Monday / October 18.

Matt Lowe is Building a Tech-Enhanced Fitness Center with Global Reach

DENVER – Matt Lowe, the CEO of Colorado-based digital wellness company Lifestyle Social, is building a first-of-its-kind fitness center at Thrive Workplace in downtown Denver.

By integrating with Lifestyle Social’s recently launched wellness platform, the center will enable members to manage their fitness and nutrition both inside and outside of the gym.

“Because just as important as what we do when we’re working out is what we do when we’re not working out,” said Lowe.

Located in the basement of Thrive’s Ballpark location, the Lifestyle Social Fitness Center will feature a variety of fitness and wellness options, from yoga and weight training to acupuncture and massage.

“Throughout the week, we’ll have 20-minute sprint classes that will focus on specific body parts,” explained Lowe. “We’ll have longer total body classes as well.”

While its offerings are similar to those found in other gyms, what makes the upcoming fitness center so unique is the role technology will play in it.

Near the center’s entrance, Lowe plans to have four television screens displaying the real-time heart rates of class participants. This data will be gathered from wearable devices by the Lifestyle Social platform, which will add the information to members’ profiles, creating a record of their fitness performance.

“If you go to a yoga class on Monday, you’ll be able to see what your heart rate was and how many calories you burned,” said Lowe. “Then, if you go to a total body class on Thursday, you’ll be able to see exactly how many more calories you burned and how much more muscle you built.”

While the platform will allow members to better manage their fitness and nutrition, Lowe sees his company’s technology empowering fitness instructors as well.

“All of the trainers will use our software, so when members come to class, their instructors will know exactly what they need to do to meet their fitness goals,” he said.

The creation of Lowe’s first fitness center comes after Lifestyle Social’s recent deal with GlobalFit, a leading provider of corporate wellness programs. The partnership established Lifestyle Social as the primary digital wellness solution for GlobalFit’s more than 70 million end users.

“We’ve partnered with GlobalFit to create a personal trainer on-demand service,” Lowe said. He then described the Yelp-like directory of fitness professionals that his company was building for the corporate wellness provider.

To help meet the demand for personal trainers generated by this deal, the Lifestyle Social Fitness Center will have spaces where trainers can lead virtual classes and consult with GlobalFit users. “We want trainers to understand that they can train clients anywhere in the world with our platform,” Lowe said.

And though the platform’s ability to connect trainers with clients on different continents has been drawing a lot of attention lately, Lowe gets most excited about Lifestyle Social’s predictive analytics, which will provide everyday users with real-time fitness and nutrition feedback.

“It’s important for us to be able to support our users 24-7,” Lowe said, “because healthy is a lifestyle.”

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