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Saturday / January 16.

Catalyst HTI Welcomes MGMA into the Digital Health Community

DENVER, CO – Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) held a pop-up party last night in Denver’s River North District to celebrate its decision to join the upcoming digital health hub Catalyst HTI. Intended to introduce the national healthcare organization to local innovators, the party featured several members of Colorado’s thriving digital health community.

“It’s really great to see MGMA embracing innovation and promoting the use of technology,” said Heather Schutz, director of provider operations at MyChoiceMD. Many attendees echoed her excitement.

“MGMA is a highly respected, ninety-year-old organization with deep roots across the country,” said Tom Base, managing director of the Boomtown Health-Tech Accelerator. “To be co-located at a cutting edge innovation center like Catalyst HTI is exciting for the healthcare community in Colorado and the nation at large.”

Several digital health entrepreneurs were present at the pop-up party.

Several digital health entrepreneurs were present at the pop-up party.

The digital health entrepreneurs at the party that evening were thrilled at the prospect of sharing office space with the nation’s leading association of medical practice administrators and healthcare executives. For their part, the members of MGMA’s leadership appeared equally pleased at the chance to work side by side with the innovators who were transforming the healthcare industry.

“When I think of a digital health startup, one of the biggest challenges they face is connecting with the problems inside a medical practice,” said Todd Evenson, COO of MGMA. “If we can help them identify those problems and build solutions to those problems, then we can be a conduit to that medical practice.”

According to Andy Swanson, vice president of MGMA’s Health Care Consulting Group, MGMA’s decision to join Catalyst HTI offered the association a means of positioning itself in the vanguard of innovation.

“People come to us because they’re seeking services to improve some operational component of the practice,” explained Swanson. “While we have our own perspective on things, it would be nice to connect with other players in the market who are trying to solve those same problems and learn some different perspectives on how to solve them.”

The excitement wasn’t limited to the entrepreneurs and executives in attendance.

“As a private practice physician, I think it’s critical that organizations like MGMA unite with the digital health movement to move innovation forward and make private practice viable in the future,” said Dr. Tim Gensler, a practicing rheumatologist and an advisor at Innosphere.

Having already shared the reasoning behind MGMA’s decision to join Catalyst HTI with the media, Dr. Halee Fischer-Wright, president and CEO of MGMA, emphasized her organization’s willingness to work closely with healthcare innovators.

“We have a conference going on called Collaborate in Practice,” said Dr. Fischer-Wright. ‘It’s going to be held at the Broadmoor March 20th to the 22nd. I would like to invite digital health and health-tech companies to look us up online and register to attend.”

Mike Biselli speaks to the crowd at Infinite Monkey Theorem.

Throughout the evening, speculation was widespread that MGMA was only the first in a long line of major healthcare organizations that would soon be joining the upcoming digital health hub.

“The highest levels of this industry are looking at you right now,” Mike Biselli, president of Catalyst HTI, told the gathered members of Colorado’s digital health community. “Our team, Halee’s team, and others are meeting with the largest companies in this industry, and they want to be a part of what’s happening in Denver.”

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