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Sunday / June 25.

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At CyberMed News, we aim to provide you with timely and relevant coverage of the digital health community so that you know who is working to change our healthcare system, what they are doing to address our current crisis, and how they are going about laying the foundation for the future of healthcare in America.(Learn more here.)




Neurosurgeon John Oro, MD, Editor-in-Chief of CyberMed News, founded CyberMed LLC in 1994. Among the initial CyberMed projects was NeuroSource, the first online directory of neuromedicine. Dr. Oró then proposed a national neurosurgical site and served as one of the first editors of Neurosurgery://On-Call.

Dr. Oró currently manages ChiariMedicine.com and is actively involved in Colorado’s digital health community. He advocates for the digital transformation of healthcare directed at improving quality, decreasing cost, and increasing access while respecting the patient/physician contract based on autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, and justice.


John M Oro

John Michael Oro is a contributing editor at CyberMed News. His reportage focuses on profiling local digital health companies, interviewing leading figures in the community, and identifying gaps in the healthcare market that present opportunities for the development of new digital health products.



0978120Nicole McNew has a passion for business and public health, focusing her efforts on identifying opportunities and giving voice to community efforts.  From working with Legislators to advocate for preventive health to championing data-driven population health strategies within health systems, she strives to attain common goals by driving collaborative dialogue among key stakeholders.



James Dickhoner HeadshotJames Dickhoner is one of the co-founder’s behind the young startup Orderly Health. His primary responsibilities include managing the day to day operations, overseeing development and working with healthcare data. He also works closely with his co-founder, Kevin Krauth, to assist in fundraising and business development. James recently graduated medical school where he spent two years working in healthcare informatics. Additionally, he completed the Stanford Ignite program at the Graduate School of Business this past summer. His personal interests include fly fishing, skiing, and french cooking.


0bb92cbDavid Engle is CEO of Rayado Corporation and co-founder of Radical Evolution. He works with people to embed persistent development and novel learning for mobilizing leadership within their companies. David has worked internationally on the elimination of incident and injury in the workplace as well as the production of breakthroughs in performance. He is based in Austin, Texas and focused on bringing adaptive practices to the healthcare sector.


View More: http://photos.pass.us/headshots-15April Giles is the president and CEO of the Colorado Bioscience Association, which promotes the interests of over 600 bioscience companies and their 27,000 employees through advocacy, resources and advancement of opportunities for collaboration.



Kevin_KrauthKevin Krauth is the CEO and Co-Founder of Orderly Health. Kevin left his role as the Senior Product Manager for Electronic Arts’ digital platform team to help found Orderly. Prior to EA, Kevin was working as a Product Manager at a mobile analytics startup called Upsight in San Francisco. His clients included Glu Mobile, Tinder, JackThreads, and Kaiser Permanente. Kevin brings to Orderly a background in finance and consulting. He graduated from Duke University with a BA in Public Policy and Economics in 2005, and he enjoys skiing, rock climbing, and running, preferably in the mountains of Colorado.


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAaLAAAAJDc1ZTQ4NDFhLWIxM2UtNGVlZi1hMzMyLTM4MGUxMDhiZTFlMgMike Kobneck is the President and CEO of Novum Concepts, a Colorado-based digital health company focused on process improvement and communication within EMS. Prior to founding his company, Mike spent over a decade working as a paramedic in the Denver-area and has fielded over 10,000 calls in his career. Mike’s EMS experience ranges from advanced protocols on remote oil platforms, to the urban setting, and also as an educator. Mike is a Colorado native who enjoys brewing beer, spending time with his family, and of course the wide range of Colorado outdoor activities.


Alene Nitzky 2Alene Nitzky, Ph.D., RN is CEO and Founder of Cancer Harbors™, an online service designed to meet the quality of life needs of cancer survivors that remain unaddressed by post-treatment survivorship care plans. She is an oncology nurse, health coach, and cancer exercise trainer. Before working in critical care and oncology infusion nursing, she taught health and exercise science at the college level, and was a personal trainer for clients with chronic health conditions. She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, enjoys blogging, painting in pastel, and is an accomplished ultra-endurance runner.


linkedin_sarapSara Pavich began her career in digital health at fertility-tracking software company Kindara, where she developed an interest in the role women’s health plays in global public health. She is now a student and aspiring public health nurse intent on addressing the issues that women face in accessing healthcare.



253dbc0Jackson Stevens is an up-and-coming thought leader in the digital health community. As part of the Denver-based web and mobile development studio Commerce Kitchen, Stevens regularly consults with digital health entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals. He has worked to develop a local strategy around FHIR, with the intent that it will accelerate interoperability in Colorado.


headshot3 low resMary Topping is a writer, editor, and communications thought partner who specializes in health care. She creates marketing and technical business content, drawing on ten-plus years of working in provider and payor organizations in marketing, strategy, process improvement and business development. Mary is passionate about crafting content that connects customer needs and values with brand identity.


Brian work photoBrian Zahn is a business consultant for domestic and international life science companies. He began his career in healthcare as a researcher investigating the physiology of sleep apnea and sleep disordered breathing at the University of Wisconsin. After leaving the academic setting, he worked in sales, product and management roles for two international scientific instrumentation companies. Brian recently completed an Executive MBA program at the University of Denver. He is based in California and is focused on new life science and medical technologies coming out of Silicon Valley.